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Kelly Robinson is a member of REALM ®, the most exclusive luxury real estate membership. Kelly's participation in the REALM ® community opens up a world of opportunities for her clients.

REALM® is a collection of the most accomplished real estate professionals ever assembled. REALM members have exclusive access to real estate professionals who represent 100+ different brands around the globe.


*Data provided by REALM and Wealth-X as of May 2021


Clients represented by the members of the REALM network.

$28.9 Million

Average net worth of prospects in the Wealth-X database.

$13 Billion+

Amount of listings represented by REALM professionals.

$2.5 Million

Average closed transaction of active REALM members.

One Half of One Percent


REALM members are individually selected by world-class real estate professionals with many years of experience in the luxury industry. Each member is formally consulted and personally vetted through our executive team to confirm ethical standards, sales history, current inventory and other relevant membership requirements. Many REALM members are recognized year after year as having closed the largest volume of annual domestic luxury transactions in their markets, as well as many of the most significant estate sales worldwide. The level of membership REALM professionals represent equates to one half of one percent of all licensed real estate associates worldwide. Our goal in holding ourselves and our agents to these lofty standards, is to ensure your property receives the highest level of service and exposure to the proper channels around the globe.

“REALM was built in service to the real estate professional operating at 
the highest level. Our purpose at REALM is to always be in search of new 
ways to enhance the relationship that exists between the client and their 
trusted advisor.”



Founder | REALM



The REALM experience leverages the power of the global network to match qualified clients or buyers to services based on lifestyle and passion rather than criteria. A curated luxury lifestyle digital content platform exclusive and encrypted database fueled by, private, professional, and advisory data records. REALM collects, secures, and repositions data feeds with best-in-class, highly secure solutions, improving the overall experience and showcasing your property globally to qualified buyers. Properties are introduced through another REALM-member agent ensuring that confidentiality is never compromised and the integrity of the trusted advisor is maintained.

Strategic Wealth Partnerships


REALM has partnered with the leading members of wealth management, advisory and reporting in order to provide the most up to date and accurate data on HNWI and UHNWI available. 

Our members have extraordinary access to the latest wealth reports, as well as exclusive access to wealth managers 
who oversee the largest family offices and assets of wealthiest individuals in the world. 

REALM members also have access to dossiers which provide necessary answers for accurate wealth mapping such as: Who are HNWI / UHNWI working with? What markets do they live in? What philanthropic activities are they involved in? What securities are they invested in? How do they communicate? 

Our data access and marketing intelligence profiles are designed to position each property at the apex for it’s release in order to maximize exposure to qualified buyers, and minimize the time spent on market.

“The REALM community is 
comprised of thought-leaders 
and professionals who are 
defining the future of luxury.”

Julie Faupel
Founder | REALM

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