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Gianni Molisse

My name is Gianni Molisse, and I have spent my whole life as a resident of the Bronx in New York City. I graduated from Fordham University at Fordham College at Rose Hill with a bachelor's degree in Film and Television and a minor in Business Administration. Since I was young, I have dreamed about working in the media industry, as I have a passion for art and storytelling. Outside of my main passions, my interests are also in real estate, entrepreneurship, and social innovation. At Fordham University, I was an avid member of the real estate club, a leader for several film groups, and the head of technology for the student television organization. 

I aspire to be a better version of myself with each passing day. I am also very detailed and team-oriented, work well under pressure, am a fast learner, have strong interpersonal skills, and take direction well in the time of action. My family's background is in real estate, so I already had much experience with the intricacies of the business from a young age and will continue to use my knowledge for the changing future of real estate.
Before joining the Kelly Robinson Team at Compass, I was a freelance production assistant, moving back and forth throughout New York. Since joining the team, I have felt a great appreciation and respect for this amazing group, and I hope to continue to grow professionally alongside them as I continue to work for the Kelly Minds Her Manors podcast hosted by Kelly Robinson.

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